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About Us

Introducing Esther….

Inspiration for Esther Martin stems from my personal experience with my grandma……Esther.  Like me she always had a passion for shopping and liked to look her best at all times regardless of the limitations she started to experience as a result of growing older. However when she moved into residential care it wasn’t as easy for her or us, to embark on regular shopping trips. Having to rely upon other people to purchase her clothes and/or take her out only emphasised further the loss of independence she was feeling and experiencing from such big changes in her lifestyle.

Grandma weddingThere was always the option of selecting from specialised catalogues but the clothing wasn’t always reflective of her individuality and this didn’t hold the same excitement she had once experienced as a result of shopping, i.e. being in a social environment, handling items and being able to feel the quality and value for money, but most importantly being able to make decisions or have a say about something as simple as choosing what she wanted to wear.

Realising that there are probably many more people/families in the same situation, I wondered how we could overcome this.  If we couldn’t get Grandma to the shops, then how could we take the shops to Grandma……and hence, with the concept of the ‘mobile shop’, Esther Martin was born.

Esther Martin is a social enterprise – a business that trades to improve the lives of those within our society.  Our purpose is to help people who can’t get out shopping to maintain their independence, identity and choice regardless of the limitations they may face.  Please read our testimonials to see how we have been successful in our mission so far.